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Celestine / 205-617-5860


Welcome to my Once-In-A-Lifetime Body Rub World ! Come Have The Best Experience of your Life... Are you looking for a wonderful experience with a BEAUTIFUL jawdropping woman with perfected SKILLS out-of this world? Then u have came to the right place! :) Im Celestine~~Your Ultimate Professional & Educated UPSCALE female companion~ ~Always DISCREET~ 100% REAL, well reviewed and VERIFIED! & Thank you for visiting my page,Your business with me is always HIGHLY appreciated. So a little about me, first, If you love exotic, you will love ME. Im the TRUE definition of a European BIRACIAL BOMBSHELL. I have a very sweet fun n sexy compassionate type of personality that u will love! A curvy, oh-so- mesmerizing figure that will have you in a daze and seductive bedroom eyes that will make you think your dreaming.. Im very outgoing bubbly and openminded and value good conversation! You will love the way my luscious lips move as we talk and how my perky DDs just pop right out at you! Im very caring and a great listener too! I really am the ULTIMATE female companion. I treat body rubs as a long, sensuous form of pure body ECSTACY. I love long, sensuous sessions – with my hands providing three distinct body rubs one right after the other in a specially crafted session creating the perfect laid back & calming "spa - like" atmoshphere consisting of a REAL PROFESSIONAL MASSAGE TABLE, swedish techniques and reflexology used in every session!! Light touch or deep tissue (your choice) & of course oils or lotion of your choice, candles, and light music playing in the background just to make our experience together all the best! *FACIALS AND BODY SRUBS ALSO AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST!* I think that the ideal amount of time for our get-together is An Hour if you are looking for a TRUE out of this world experience and consists of just enough time to make u feel PAMPERED desired wanted and just like a man again! **PLZ VIEW SERVICES LISTED** I am intelligent and thoughtful and I want to have time together during which we build a friendship that becomes a long-term relationship (Discrete of course) No one can do that in a short period of time. Our time together will of course involve intimacy, what is more intimate than receiving an outstanding Body Rub by a beautiful woman who is going to take you into complete relaxation ? ;) (wink) But it will really be about much more than that. It will also be about me giving you the attention you want, the time listening to you that you want, the appreciation that you want, and the sensuous touches that you want. I want to make you feel like a million dollars on multiple levels – as a romantic interest and as a friend! Gentlemen who read my ad are obviously very intelligent – otherwise, they could not get through this many pages!! Also, gentlemen who call me are interested in a lot more than just a quick one-time fling – they are looking for friendship and companionship that will endure. I would like to share some of my thoughts with you. First, I thought that this would be about one thing and one thing only. After all, I have heard throughout my life that men have only one thing on their minds every minute of every day and night. I thought this would be a situation where I would open the door and a gentleman would be wanting immediate gratification. Now I know the reality. The reality is more like this... You are reading this ad because you feel an innate need for female companionship. There is something missing in your life. You may be married, but that special romantic passion is not present any more. Your body is pushing you to find a woman with whom to share that special romantic passion once again. It is a basic male need – as basic as the need for air, water, food, shelter, clothing. It is present in you every minute of every day. It drives you. Everything a man does is done to impress a woman so she will be romantically attracted to him. In today’s world, men get an education so they can get great jobs so they can impress the women and get rewarded with the special romantic passion they want. In short, since the beginning of time the main drive in men has been one thing. Men don’t need to think about that one thing. It is hormonal. It drives every man every minute of every day. Ultimately, it does involve a male explosion. But I think that a lot more is involved than just that. After all, a man can create his own explosions easily and quickly (and most men do and do often!). There is something more, something “extra”. And that “extra” is the whole point. That “extra” is what drives men to turn to Back Page. It is that “extra” that is everything. That “extra” has been described in many books over the years. I will try to describe it from my point of view from what I have learned. First, not that you are shallow, but you want a woman who is beautiful in the face, with beautiful large breasts, soft skin, a nice butt and long legs (and other nice equipment). That is natural. We all prefer the attractive to the unattractive, so don’t feel that it is inappropriate to prefer an attractive woman. Second, you want a woman who appreciates you for who you are. You want to be appreciated for your accomplishments in life. You want to be with a woman who makes you feel special. You want a woman who thinks you are wonderful for who you are and what you have done. This too is natural to men. Women don’t usually feel a need to be appreciated in quite the same way. Men feel a basic need to be treated as being competent in what they do. A man feels very vulnerable when his woman fails to appreciate his competence. You want 100% acceptance and unconditional love. Second, you want a woman who will pay 100% attention to you when you are together – no interruptions from cell phones, etc. This will become a private universe where no one else exists – just you and me, alone, together. Third, you want your physical needs to be met. You want your back scratched! You want your muscles massaged. You want your skin to be soothed and completely melt away while in the others touch. Fourth, you want a woman with whom you are comfortable. You want a woman with whom you can talk. You want a woman who you can confide in and relate to. Fifth, you want that magical spark of romance and intrigue. We all want it. We all remember forever our first love. We would all like to be able to recreate that once-in-a-lifetime feeling we had back then. We all know that a large part of the excitement is the initial conquest. We certainly all know that it is hard to keep that excitement alive in a marriage over the course of years. (And we all know that the easiest way to find it again is to start a relationship.) No man can ever give himself as much pleasure as well as a woman gives him because all those “extra” things are missing. No human being can ever tickle himself / herself or massage himself / herself. It just simply can not be done by anyone, ever. That's why you have turned to ME. So now let me explain my thoughts on how we should go about this! I have my own place in which to entertain you. We should each be filled with an expectant attitude that today is going to be one of the best days ever! If I am traveling, I will be dressed appropriately – a nice dress or business attire. When the door opens and we see each other for the first time, let it be magical. Of course, I know that you will probably have some nervousness. You are meeting someone new for the first time ever and you do not know what to expect But let me put you at ease you will always be completely safe with me I have a 100%safe clean and DISCRETE Private location and always have it smelling nice just for you! There will never be any extra guests just me and YOU! You have come for sensual pleasure, so let’s get started on that next. I am not a licensed masseuse, but gentlemen have told me that I have skilled hands and that I have given them the best “massage” they have ever received. I correct them to say that since I am not licensed I can not say that I give a massage but rather that I give a body rub. That being said, gentlemen have also told me that I give a more complete swedish body rub than they have ever received – by a licensed masseuse or by a non-licensed body rub provider. That is because I touch upon every area of the body. And many gentlemen have never had a massage or body rub of the face and before. I have been shocked by this bit of information, as I often consider the face to be the absolute most important part of the body (except for that other, more private area, of course!). When I touch your face, you will understand what I mean, if you don’t already. When I touch your face, you will understand the nature of tender loving care! When I touch your face, you will feel warmth on many levels. You have probably read that it takes a huge number of muscles to execute a frown but only a few to execute a smile. What you probably didn’t piece together was the full implication – the face has more muscle groups than any other area of the body. If you want ALL your muscles relaxed, you should start with the muscles of the face. And the face has more nerve endings than any area of the body. Have you ever had your lips touched gently? Did you know that the lips have more nerve endings than any other area of the body -- as many as 1,000 times as many as the fingertips? I am often almost as shocked to hear from many gentlemen that they have never had their hands receive a massage or body rub. I consider those to be important areas. The hands are important because they are the part of the body that we feel with. We use our hands as the first point of touch. And our hands have a huge number of nerve endings. Add that to the fact that the hands have the most number of bones in our body (connected to a huge number of ligaments and muscles!) and you can see why I believe that the hands are an important target of my attention! To some extent, I can understand why many ladies do not provide a massage or rub of the feet. Many ladies don’t like feet!! But I feel that feet are important. They certainly carry the entire load of our weight. Consider that the toes of each foot in sequence bear the entire weight of our entire body and you will probably agree with me that the toes are an important part of our body. And they deserve recognition and attention commensurate with their role and importance. Ticklish? I'll just use extra pressure to make sure you do not feel a tickling sensation! Of course I know that every traditional massage and/or body rub focuses a lot of attention on the back. I think that attention is misplaced. I think that way for two reasons: first, most gentlemen do not use their backs as their principal means of occupation and therefore do not have sore backs. Second, when your back is receiving attention, you are in a very uncomfortable position – with your face buried in a rest or a pillow. You can’t talk in that position. Your sinus drains uncomfortably. I find that there is really only one good thing about the position – your butt is completely exposed, and men just love to have that area touched properly! And of all the ironies, that is literally the one area where the most muscle contraction takes place that needs to be relaxed – the area where the upper leg muscles connect! That area DOES need attention in just about every one of us, because just about every one of us walks! Why do so many ladies concentrate on the back? Because it is so easy and so impersonal! It takes hard work to touch someone’s face with exquisite tenderness. It takes real human emotion. And touching someone’s fingers is a genuine human connection. We shake hands to greet our fellow human beings, and a good finger massage/rub is much more than just a handshake. Only a lady who has a genuine interest in you as a man will be willing to touch your face, your hands, and your feet. By way of comparison, most ladies would prefer to touch your back – it is a cold impersonal area and you can’t talk while on your stomach with your face in a neckrest or a pillow. In that position, it is almost like petting a dog on its back. By this point you should be feeling relaxed! Only one thing might improve upon the sensations running through your body – the feeling of my soft, delicate skin brushing up against yours. Perhaps as I went from area to area you could feel me brush against you in a suggestive, teasing manner. Continuity and predictability. Those two elements transform a good body rub into a great body rub. My technique incorporates continuity and predictability, so let me explain to you what those are. Continuity means that from the time my hands first touch your body to formally commence our session until the time we adjourn, my hands never, never, never leave your body. Every second of every minute of that time, at least one of my hands will be touching your body. Never will I break contact completely. [The only exception to this will be when I complete the rub of your feet, I will wash my hands so that I do not spread bacteria from your feet to the other areas of your body; I will tell you that I am going to go wash my hands and you will know that I will only be a few feet away.:) This continuity is very, very important. When a lady breaks contact, you are disrupted. You don’t know where she is going or how long she will be gone. In reality, she is just going to get more oil or to move to the other side of the table, but in your imagination you don’t know where she is going or what she will do next. Imagine eating a great meal at a fine restaurant. You don’t expect the waiter/waitress to just swing by and unexpectedly remove your plate after you’ve had just a few bites and then return it a few moments later! You would be shocked by that behavior. Not surprisingly, you would be just as shocked if a lady took her hands off your body for a few moments during a massage/rub. Your body will not be pleased at unexpected interruptions! Predictability is almost as important as continuity. When I pay attention to your first arm/hand, your mind will subconsciously note the methodical sequence of events. I will then replay that same exact methodical sequence when I pay attention to the next arm/hand, then the first leg/foot, then the next leg/foot. Your mind will already know what is coming, even if you don’t. When continuity and predictability combine, your body will relax faster and further than ever before. You will feel just like a car seat going for a gentle car ride. [Yes, you may indeed fall asleep.] You probably won’t notice these two techniques. They are subtle and they are not intended to be conspicuous. They stay in the background. But they magnify the relaxation powers ten-fold. They transform a good body rub into a great body I know exactly what I like to do and I think I have fairly accurately described it in this ad. Many gentlemen who have visited me have told me that each and every thing I stated in my ads is true and I provide what is just about a unique experience – a real, down-to-earth boy-meets-girl experience. I think it is a true luxury version of a body rub with a great build-up to a great finish. And an experience like this is something that should be basked in! We should take our time and do this right. I believe that an appropriate amount of time for this is an hour And please understand one very important concept: I LOVE WHAT I DO!! Imagine if you could post an ad offering to provide complete body rubs to women and lots of beautiful, intelligent women called you to set appointments, and every day you met a new, beautiful, intelligent woman and gave her a complete body rub and touched every inch of her body and she loved it! How would you feel? You would be in HEAVEN! Well guess what? SO AM I!! I am a beautiful 21-year old woman and in the next 3 months I will lay my hands on more handsome, intelligent, charming, wonderful men than Brittany Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Haile Berry, Angelina Jolie, Miley Cyrus, and Gwyneth Paltrow all put together have probably touched in their whole lifetimes!!!!! Yes, I probably have more sensuous fun than all of them put together!! I have lived life in this profession enough years to have seen many wonderful places and to have undertaken many wonderful activities. You have probably led a rich, full life filled with success, travel, and adventure. Guess what? So have I! That is part of what makes meeting you so fun and exciting. You gentlemen all have wonderful stories to relate to me, and I take joy in sharing mine with you. I am a real woman and you are a real man. When you come to see me, you will learn who I am and I will learn who you are. That is how normal human beings interact. You are not just a number to me and I will not just be some boring housecleaning lady doing a job for you, I take my time getting to know you in our moments together. We will have a personal ongoing "relationship" between us, even if just Temporary! Perhaps I will become your *discreet* permanent temporary girlfriend! *****DISCRETION IS ALWAYS HIGHLY VALUED****** The best way to contact me during non working days is to BOOK ME THROUGH MY WEBSITE HERE or send an email to me. After we have exchanged emails and set a date/time to meet, we can talk over the phone before meeting. My email address is: xxxcelestine@gmail.com /* */ When you send an email, please include this information: your name, your age, your race and your general occupation. After we have exchanged emails, I will ask you for a phone number to your cell phone – a real phone number in your name, not a Google number or a Skype number. TO SET AN APPOINTMENT: CALL 205-617-5860 or email xxxcelestine@gmail.com /* */ USUALLY IN LIFE, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR: I like this quote: "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of the low price is forgotten." My philosophy is simple: pay enough to get what you really want because not getting what you really want isn't really worth anything! So whether it be a nice sensual swedish body rub, a romantic dinner, Drinks , Movies, Dancing or maybe just a walk in the park on a sunny afternoon, maybe even a nice and steamy relaxing shower along with a calming backrub after a long hard day at work OR maybe you are having a hard time and feeling down and just need someone to talk to and confide in? Your secrets your fantasies your troubles are ALWAYS safe with me! WHAT EVER THE SITUATION I GAURANTEE you will always LOVE and remember every minute of our time together satisfaction always promised... (**PLEASE VIEW MY SERVICES LISTED**) So are you tired of the clockwatchers and rushed sessions? Are you tired of the fake photoshopped pictures that look nothing like the person and with nasty ghetto attitudes? Do you want to be desired admired wanted & loved and pampered beyond beleif? We all do! But I can gaurantee that when your spending time with me I will go the extra mile to give you my upmost attention affection and admiration making sure to leave you with a SMILE on your face. My client return rate is 5/5 so I know once you try my service you will come back too! I love ALL my clients and take very good care of them & once we meet I know I will love you too:) -Celestine ✺REQUIREMENTS✺ With all the great things I have to offer there are only a certain lucky few who will have access to my service & having the privledge of becoming a new client of mine, so please, read the guidlines below before calling to see if you are eligible. Please be 30+ years of Age and willing to show id for verification if you do not have references. Please be Caucasian No mexican gents No Black gents Please be drug and alcohol free upon our meeting Please be Respectful Please be a Gentlemen Please be Clean PLEASE NO EXPLICIT TALK OF SERVICES OR FOUL LANGUAGE IN PERSON OVER TEXT EMAIL OR PHONE Light Screening is always required :) 100% Independently owned & operated So what are you waiting for? Come get your Glimpse of Heaven Today...Endulge in Relaxation at its Finest.

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