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Los-angeles, California
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Meg Madilyn / 603-986-2706

Meg Madilyn

In my spare time I run a small stripper/event model and arm candy company in NH. This business was a plesure for me to discover and became my new passion about 2 years ago. Prior to this I enjoyed moderate succes in a few other ventures from my study in Reiki, Hypnosis all the way to farming and art school. Hopefully my future holds some print work, modeling and maybe even some acting! I consider myself to be a well rounded person, not too serious and a little bit blonde!

If you are intrigued then perhaps you should come meet me and see for yourself why I have a 90% client return rating. If you miss the romance, relaxation, the company of a beautiful young lady or just plain fun in your life let me liven you up. Something you want to explore? I am truly a Top Notch girl and love to make people happy, so please come enjoy a glass of wine and get to know me; you'll be back! Althought I have a high return rate I have a few new client openings, so here I am! Openings are available but fill quickly so book now to assure a spot.

Plese feel free to contact me for aditional referances.

Discression is as important to me as it is to you therefore as I ask clients to not post on the erotic review but rather to post them here on my site if the so choose. Thank you for your understanding .

Warm regards,


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