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Monterey-bay, California
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Dublin / 510-210-5339

Sweetest GF

I want to peruse, watch motion pictures (particularly free comedies, science fiction, and dream), swim exposed in the forested areas, and move around in sweaty energetic hotness.

My home base is the East Bay of the San Francisco Bay Area. Anyway I travel everywhere throughout the Bay and visit San Jose once a month. The extent that my sexy tries, I am inventive. My most prominent capacities lie in fraternity, relieving back rub, GFE, and sustaining.

In case you're interested about my physicality, I stand 5'7″ in uncovered feet. My bust is at 38DD, waist 42, hips 50. My bends are a solid size to crush and touch. My hair is thick, wavy and characteristically red. Today it is short and extremely 80's. I have chestnut eyes to match all the excellent spot that enhance my body. My skin is tastefully embellished with tattoos, simply enough to make it intriguin

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