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WELCOME, TO MY BIO, I WILL KEEP THIS SHORT, SWEET AND SEXY. Sometime ago, i found myself bored with my life. I had many fantasies. these fantasies had been going for quite some time. I found myself drifted away at work and explored my body at night in bed. I manage a small real commerical real estate business , and I'm a part time fitness instructor. I love what I do and live a happy and healthy lifestyle, but something was missing! I met a client-hansome, affulent, generous gentlemen. He was married, but I was not bothered by that. I enjoy being single and the independence that comes with it. He acustomed me to a upscale lifestyle the sex was magical and i felt on top of the world. Our affair lasted 4 years Ive since moved on and shared a few magical moments with a few select gentlemen. I like the excitment and thrill of meeting new gentlemen and the potential of exploring one another. I am a sensoual women with an open mind and tenacious with a strong desire to be pleased as well please my lover. I enjoy the unknown and the spontanuity of my sinful side. please no drama or strings attached ! This is as much for my pleasure as it is for you. i will only meet with a few select gentle a week. this is not what i do for a living and will screen for my safety. Its imperative to remain exclusive, safe and selective. I AM A 38 YRS YOUNG, I AM A BEAUTIFUL BLEND OF IRISH AND EASTERN EURPEON. I HAVE LONG STRAIGHT AUBURN RED HAIR AND BIG HONEY BROWN EYES.THAT WILL ENAMORE ANY MAN! IM PETITE AT 5 2" AND WEIGH 115PDS I HAVE A TONED FIT BODY MY MEASUREMENTS ARE 34D-25-34 IM SHAPE LIKE AN HOUR GLASS WITH PERFECT PORTIONED BREAST AND BUTT. I LOVE TO DRESS UP WITH ALL THE EMBELLISHMENTS,TO CAPTURE A MANS VISUAL PLEASE EXPLORE MY SITE. ENJOY MY PICS AND CONTACT ME THROUGH EMAIL BISCOUS & HUGGS ENVEE


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