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New-york-city, New York
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Marla Lyons / 916-158-1262

Marla Lyons | VIP Escort New York

Travel, Dinner & Boudoir Companion. An intrepid companion to enhance your evenings, travels, and worldview.

I consider myself to be very 'real' --- what does that mean? It means that I like to be myself, and, despite the pseudo name, not put on airs or a false persona. I am warm and playful, I like to share laughs and intimacy interchangeably. I appreciate the absurd and abstract, as well as the silly and superficial. I am focused on healthy living, keeping a clean diet, exercising daily, andabstain form caffeine, nicotine, and other drugs. I am a lifelong bookworm, at least one book a week to keep my mind sharp and engaged.

If you have a kind soul, an open mind, and are sincerely interested in making a connection with another human being, then I look forward to offering you the same.

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