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Sacramento, California
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Nikki Newhope / 916-519-2504

naughty catholic shoolgirl seeks sinful affair

Hi! Im Nikki Newhope. I am an adventurous, bright, young girl with a magnetic personality and an effortless beauty. My innocent big brown eyes, precious little hands, and scrumptious apple-bottom are just the icing on this intoxicating little cake. When you look closer you'll find that I am a naturally empathetic caretaker, a creative passionate dreamer, and a refreshingly mischievous freethinker. (The quintessential Leo.) I was raised on, what is now viewed as, "old-school" morals and values. I am very well mannered, and courteous and insist on handling all situations with graceful charisma. I am one of the few people who still practices the old "treat people how you want to be treated". Im a self-proclaimed "old-soul" who is both incredibly receptive and exceptionally intuitive. I am often complimented on how "level-headed" I am for a girl my age in my profession. My undying curiosity, love of people, and delightful promiscuity are what make me a great at my job, and I plan to continue experiencing, exploring, and evolving to be the best at what I do. I take pride in my appearance as well as my health and am always well manicured, maintained, and conscientious. I routinely nurture my temple with a healthy diet, regular exercise and positive thoughts. I maintain a clean and sober lifestyle, but "don't judge anyone else's sins because I don't want them to judge mine." (ex-Catholic schoolgirl.) My pictures are real and recent. Many clients have told me they do me no justice, and that Im much better looking in person. I have a unique, nostalgic beauty. The kind that commands attention when I walk into a room. In terms of style Im very versatile and have described myself as "audrey-hepburn-esque" and "the female spicoli". Chances are, Ill show up on your doorstep in Chuck Taylors. Once the pants come off (and I wish I never had to wear them) you'll see a rebellious barely legal sexkitten and slightly submissive bad girl . I am receptive, spontaneous, and very vocal.
give me a call.. XO Nikki


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