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Sacramento, California
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Jewel Monet / 916-838-8464

Passionate, Sophisticated and Intelligent

By nature, I am amazingly energetic, courageous, and arousing. I want to kiss, play, kindly and tease, and trust that you do as well. My objective is to give an experience to you that can't be copied by others. I recognize what you need and know how to satisfy you as you have never been satisfied previously. Investigate my surveys to peruse what others need to say.

My experience includes a Bachelor of Science in Business Management (was first in my graduating class) alongside involvement in the PC programming industry. I have lived in a mixture of spots everywhere throughout the nation and now call the Sacramento range home.

Beefing up is my energy. I burn through five days a week in the rec center lifting weights and doing cardio. I have contended at the beginner level as a "figure" contender and did well. Then again, I have as of now decided to no more contend.

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